Terms and Condition


Share Trading Campus (Hereafter referred as STC) is a venture of Traders Point. STC attempts to ensure the integrity, correctness and authenticity of the site, it makes no guarantees whatsoever as to its completeness, correctness or accuracy. In the event that such an inaccuracy arises, please inform us so that it can be corrected. The information displayed on the website is for helping visitors to get a quick view about the institute at first glance. Schemes given with courses displayed may change from time to time without any prior notice. Same is applicable for charges / fees / offers also. We always suggest our customer to do 100% enquiry before they hire or take any of our service/product to avoid any sort of conflict or dispute in future. People willing to join our Services or Subscription offer have to consult our office on phone or in person. Understand completely about the facility he/she wants to go for along with the price they have to pay. We will not entertain any conflict once you join. Fees paid by you will never be refundable (other than the announcements of management & Money back guarantee offer) and will never be transferable. The technical charts, studies and share ticker price displayed on the website is for helping visitors to get a quick view about the market at first glance. STC makes no guarantees whatsoever as to its completeness, correctness, discrepancy or accuracy. In the event that such an inaccuracy arises, please inform us so that it can be corrected. Your Service will be executed only after the realization of payments, we want you to be clear with complete understanding about the terms & conditions for joining. These rules and regulations are meant only to keep the functioning of the company smooth and to make every customer happy. Education that we deliver through various modular courses are based on technical and research work done by our research team in the market. Once you take training. Follow the instructions being given in the workshop. Share Market is subject to risk so a person needs to invest or trade by considering all parameters. STC will not be responsible for any loss experienced by any individual in the Share Market. Please do enough practice before you implement strategies & policies for trading as suggested by the trainer / faculty. STC will not be answerable for any situations arising by internet connectivity, power failure, trading software (broking house) or trading platform errors, however our risk management team and expert are available in any of such cases if arise to rectify / help / manage the financial risk involved in the same with genuine opinion. It entirely depends on the individual to follow the opinion on his own risk..


Share Market is the sbuject to Market Risk. There are no guaranteed returns in the stock market. Market yield is subject to market fluctuations. We have no such guaranteed return plan. No one from our organization will contact you for such a plan.

As per SEBI rules, you should not share your demat account password with anyone.

If someone from our organization is contacting you for any of the above, please contact us at the telephone number given - 90283 12878.

महत्वाची सूचना

शेअर बाजारात कुठल्याही प्रकारचा हमी परतावा (Fixed Returns) मिळत नाही. बाजारातील उत्पन्न हे बाजारातील चढ-उताराच्या जोखीम अधीन आहे. आमच्या इथे अशी हमी परतावा देणारी कुठलीही योजना नाही. आमच्या संस्थेमधून कोणीही व्यक्ती तुम्हाला अशा योजनेसाठी संपर्क करणार नाही.

सेबीच्या नियमानुसार तुमच्या डिमॅट अकाउंटचा पासवर्ड तुम्ही कोणासोबतही सामायिक करू नये.

जर आमच्या संस्थेतून कोणी व्यक्ती तुम्हाला वरील कुठल्याही बाबीसाठी संपर्क करत असेल तर कृपया दिलेल्या दूरध्वनी क्रमांकावर संपर्क साधा - 90283 12878.

Trading Café Access

• STC provides free “Trading Cafe” access for all our students for the period of 6 Months from the date of Admission.

• Entry restricted for the STC clients only, STC has full rights to change the charges, entry procedures or entry criteria without any prior intimation.

• STC is free facility given & not a right of any students so STC can bar any student from using facility if management thinks that person is not suitable to use the facility.

• Computers & seats available in trading café are limited & they can be used on first come first use basis

Privacy & Security

• STC will not share or use personal documents of any individual for any other purpose than agreed by customer.

• Please do not share your account details or passwords to any of the staff/trainer in STC. STC management will not be responsible for any loss or discrepancy occurred due to misuse of account. For any help required related with your Demat account please visit management team.

Invoice & Billing

• Please make sure to collect stamped copy of invoice for part/full payment done against course. Claim of any amount given to STC will not be entertained if student/client does not have proper invoice copy with stamp of STC.

Fees Refund Policy

Student/ Client can claim for the refund amount within 30 Days of booking. If Student has attended any lecture then he/she is not eligible for the Refund of Fees. Third Party Education loan is not under control of Share Trading Campus. If loan application of student/participant gets rejected then it is responsibility of student to pay the fees. If student fail to pay the fees then student will not be allowed to continue the classes. Also in such case if student has started his course and attended any classes then advance EMI paid will not be refunded. As per refund policy of the company if any student/client request for refund of fees amount and if the same is eligible as per the refund policy, so the request for refund will be fulfilled within next 15 days from the date of written request.

Trading Strategies & Stock Advisory

• Stock suggestions/Advisory given to our clients are for education purpose only. Stock suggestions shared with students are completely free & STC do not directly or Indirectly ask for the charges for advisory. If any of the staff member directly or indirectly ask for the advisory fees then report it to management on immediate basis. Customers/students are recommended to follow our advisory after their own analysis & study. Individual will be responsible for any Profit/Loss occurred on his trade/investment decisions. The term expressed as “STC” refers to “Share Trading Campus” and its programs. Subject to PUNE jurisdiction.

Admission Cancellation

• If someone wants to cancel admission before start of course then all his/her amount will be refunded.

• You can cancel admission 3 Days before start of batch scheduled or within 30 days from the booking date whichever is earlier.

• Once any finance / loan process is finalized, admission cannot be canceled, and the fees paid are non-refundable.

Claiming Money Back Guarantee offer

• Inform the faculty about return of fees within two hours of your program & your 100% fees will be returned Money Back Guarantee offer is not valid/available for Professional Trading Workshop

Mentorship Program

• During Mentorship program cashback offer/profit benefit will be applicable only if student do trading on accounts opened under sub-brokership of STC. Students have to obey Mentor and must take trades which are suggested and analysed by Mentor. If student take any trade other than suggested by Mentor then the student will be responsible for the loss that occurred during that trade and he/she will have to pay that amount to the institute if that loss occurred in the account given by the institute for trading during the Mentorship Program. Mentorship Program is designed to give students experience of live market trading and its main purpose is to learn trading in real market. It does not guarantee any profit or fixed returns. If students take admission to this program then it would be considered that he/she has read above and accepted those conditions. If there is any doubt or confusion then student should ask the management team through written communication before starting the mentorship program. Any grievances or confusion or doubts will not be considered after the student has started or completed the Mentorship Program.

No loss Guarantee for Practical

• It is very difficult to earn money in Share Market without proper knowledge. Live trading experience is very different than learning theoretical concepts of Share Market. To takeover the fear of Live trading we provide Live Practical support to our students after they complete all levels of Training. Person can take help of expert to take their first trade. Student should take first trade as per analysis and instructions given by our expert. Any profit earned during practical will be of student himself but if there is any loss in first trade then institute will bear the loss of student.

• This is applicable for student who completes all level of training with STC. Student need to follow instructions of our expert. Value of first trade will be decided by our expert as per his Analysis. Student first need to register for this offer. This offer is applicable for single trade per user only.

• Amount given in Demat A/c during Training Programme will be calculated as profit only after the calculations of Profit, Loss, Brokerage & Government Charges are done, where the amount beyond the amount provided by institute which will be considered as Profit should be more than the amount provided by institute during the programme

Premium Membership

• We provide One Year membership for our clients where they can repeat their allotted training course unlimited times within one year from the date of Admission. Premium Membership is a free facility given & not a right of any students.

• STC can bar any student from using the facility if management thinks that person is not suitable to use the facility. Candidates will have to apply for repeat training & management will allot them the seat as per availability.

• Candidates can attend the training at any of our branches after approval from Management. Candidates will have to attend the batch as per schedule given by STC team. Special batches will not be arranged for candidates. Mentorship programme is limited to attend for once only. Repetition of this programme will be chargeable.


If student is a business owner or is part of any other institute which is into same business of Share Market Training then he or she has to inform the management at the time of taking admission.

If it is observed that student is purposefully hiding his identity. Or Student start same business during period of training then institute has right to stop all ad-on services to safeguard its own interest.

In such scenario Student will only be allowed to attend all lectures and complete the training but he/she will not get access to repeat facility, institute’s trading account for live market training during Mentorship Program or other ad-on facilities.

Also student can not claim for any refund for stopping his/her services in above mentioned scenario.