About Us!

India’s Best Share Market Education with Live Market Training

Share Market is like Swimming Pool, to learn swimming you have to enter the water & to learn trading you have to enter in the live market.

We are the only Share market training institute which gives more focus on Live market training than theoretical classroom training. We strive hard to make you Share Market Champion.

Share Trading Campus is a Venture of Traders Point. Share Trading Campus is the one stop solution for all your Investment & Trading needs. We are an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Share Market Training Academy backed with a successful track record of our clients & students. We believe that if proper knowledge is given then anyone can earn money through the Share Market. We believe that if proper knowledge is given then anyone can earn money through the Share Market. We understand that the share market can not be learned in a day or two. One requires continuous support to learn & trade in the market. It is difficult to provide this support & service to clients by conducting sessions in Hotels or Auditorium. Considering this factor we focused on having permanent infrastructure for our students & clients. Currently we have 4 branches in Pune & our target is to start our branches in all parts of Maharashtra. We are the first training academy in India who started a free Trading Cafe for students. Trading Cafe is the place where our students & clients can get information, tools, space, Wifi and many other facilities for Trading in Share Market. We focus on quality rather than quantity.

Indians are known for their money saving attitude & everyone at some stage of life thinks for investment. Due to the lack of proper knowledge many of us end up in investing things which do not yield to proper returns.Recognising this need we have designed our programmes on Share Market Training so that people can get knowledge of different investment & financial choices available in the market. We are here to change the mindset that only highly educated people from good financial backgrounds can earn money through the Share Market. We believe that every individual has the potential to earn with the Share Market if guided properly. We all know the famous Proverb “Earn & Learn” but Share Trading Campus believes in “Learn to Earn”.

Atmosphere of “SHARE TRADING CAMPUS” is highly enjoyed by our clients & students. We don’t advertise or hype our presence in the share market education segment but we work towards spreading the awareness of profit making to people, we strictly follow basics and ethical trading practices.

Why Choose Us?

We have 4 branches in Pune, this helps to provide better & efficient service to our clients.

First time in India - Trading Cafe for our students & Clients at all branches.

Live market training is our USP. We focus on giving live market exposure to our students.

Hardcore Traders & Passionate Trainers.

Understand Heights & Depths of Markets.

Expert In Transferring the knowledge in the most easy manner.

Our expert help students & clients in managing their portfolio for investment.

After the first session if you think that training is not as per your expectation then you can claim for 100% refund.

Zero Demat account opening Charges.

Every year one free session on updates in Share Market

Free entry to seminars organized by Nifty Campus on various Financial topics.

Lifetime membership with referral benefits.

We provide free financial planning services to our client

We are one stop solution for all kinds of investments & Insurance services

Our experts continuously analyze & study strategies, techniques to increase the probability of success in trade. This analysis & study is shared with our students on regular basis.

Practical Oriented Training Pattern.

Programme Designed to make you Market Champion.

We understand that Share Market is a big subject & it is difficult to understand all points at one go.

Don’t worry, we allow multiple time repetition of classroom training course in One Year.

We also provide corporate training at your premises.

This is a special service on request for people who can not take time to attend our regular batches like Doctors, Businessman etc.

If you have a group of 5 or more then we can arrange special session at your place.