Share Market Aspirant

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This program is designed for new comers who wants to understand fundamentals of Share Market.

Course Benefits

 After completing this course YOU WILL BE ABLE TO….

  • Understand Fundamentals of Share Market
  • Understand the scope of Share Market
  • Understand Pros & Cons of Share Market
  • Know what is better for you, Investment or Trading?
  • This course will change your view towards Share Market

Special STC Benefits

  • Access of Online content of the Course for 1 Year.
  • Pass to access to Classroom Training Programme for Once.
  • Trainer’s support to resolve all your queries & concerns.

Course Content

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Fundamentals of Share Market Load Lesson
Structure of Indian Share Market Load Lesson
Commodity and Currency Market Load Lesson
What is Futures and Options Trading Load Lesson
Importance of Stoploss Load Lesson
Product Types and Order Types Load Lesson
Mutual Fund vs Fixed Deposit Load Lesson
How to Select Mutual Fund ? Load Lesson
5 Mistakes to Avoid in Share Market Load Lesson