Share Market Champion

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Course Objective
After years of experience in Share Market training we understood that for any person it is never easy to learn things in classroom & implement them independently in live Market. To alleviate this concern we run this program called “Market Champion”. 1 MONTH OF LIVE MARKET TRAINING IS USP OF THIS COURSE. This course is designed to make you Professional Trader.
Course Benefits
Ø  The best course module suitable to make you Professional Trader.
Ø  You will no more be a novice trader now, You will be Share Market Champion.
Ø  1 Month of Live Market Training
Ø  Practically learn trading in Various Market Scenarios.
Ø  Identify & Implement correct strategy according to market condition.
Ø  Risk Management in live Market.
It will also include all benefits of SHARE MARKET PLUS course as mentioned below,
Ø  Take your own decision to set targets and gain profit.
Ø  Manage risk on your own.
Ø  Identify Entry and Exit levels.
Ø  Identify the trend of market and act accordingly.
Ø  Handle, plot, read, analyze and identify the technical signals.
Ø  Utilize the proven strategies of our experts.
Ø  Trade in Options with proper knowledge & expertise.
Ø  Select & use correct options strategies in various market scenarios
Ø  Achieve both long and short term financial requirements.
Ø  Implementation of special strategy called–PRICE ACTION ZONES
Ø  Special Strategy for CRUDE OIL
Special STC Benefits
Ø  Pass to repeat the Classroom Programme unlimited times in 6 Months.
Ø  Access of Online content of programme for 1 year.
Ø  Live Market training & Practical to implement things which you learned in class.
Ø  Trainer’s support to resolve all your queries & concerns.

  • Fees: 60000
  • Special Price: OFFERS AVAILABLE
  • EMI Facility: YES
  • Duration: 2 MONTHS
  • Level: MASTER
  • Validity: 365
  • Language: ENGLISH , HINDI , MARATHI.
  • Live_Market_Training: YES
  • Money_Back_Guarantee: YES

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